10+ Stylish Clothing Websites Templates for Shopify: How to Choose the Right One

Here are some great, modern, and stylish clothing websites templates for shopify.com/sell/clothes! Read and discover how to choose the right one for your store!

With Shopify, you don’t need any design or technical experience to create your own beautiful online store. All you need to do is sign up and pick one of the many websites templates available, customize the template, list your items, and start selling.
In this article, we will present to you 10+ stylish clothing websites templates from Shopify. All of these templates are highly customizable and ready to accept payments. Let’s start:

1. Thumble & Thorn:

Inspired from vintage and boho chic design, this template offers the latest trends in women’s clothing, home, decor, and accessories.

2. All Humanity:

This is the perfect website template if you are selling ethically sourced jewelry, women’s apparel, and accessories.

3. Urban Tunnels:

This amazing website template offers a cheap selection of acrylic, silicone, custom, and wooden items.
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4. Delilah Petal:

Cite and modern clothing website template, ideal for gorgeous gifts, unique artwork, sparkle jewelry, greeting cards, beautiful accessories, and children toys.

5. Karma:

If you are interested in selling yoga apparel online, this is the perfect template for you. This template is a mixture of elegant fabrics and luxurious color palette.

6. Modern Mummas:

The perfect template for selling practical and stylish baby products, as well as, maternity and nursing clothes.
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7. REW

This template can help you sell clothing items that are easy to wear, scarves, for example.

8. meNmoomy

The perfect website for selling coordinating mother-daughter clothing and accessories.

9. Flylife:

A responsive and customizable theme for selling all kinds of clothing.
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10. The Ghostly Store:

If you appreciate great design and art, you will fall in love with this template.

11. The Good Life:

For selling a wide selection of footwear, clothing, books & magazines.

12. My Brooklyn Baby:

A template for setting up an online store for selling parenting essentials and cute gifts for children 0-5 years old.

13. The Alchemy Shop:

For women’s clothing and accessories. A highly responsive and customizable theme.






Delilah Petal


There are so many clothing websites templates available for your online store. If you are just starting out, you may also consider free themes that will work great for you. If you can’t decide, take some time to look around and try a few templates to see what you like the most. If you like a premium template, don’t hesitate to invest as the design on your online store can have a huge impact on the customer experience and the sales. It is a fact that customers trust a well-designed and attractive website.
When choosing a website template, there are a few things you need to consider before making a final choice. You need to ask yourself these questions:
  • Is the clothing website template visually appealing?
  • Is the template suitable for your brand identity? Is it classic? Modern? Trendy?
  • Is the website self-explanatory? Can customers figure out how to find certain items and purchase them?
  • Is the template easily customizable?
  • Does the website template load quickly?
  • Is it responsive?
  • Does the website template work on all browsers?
  • Is the website template good for SEO?
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By asking yourself these questions, you will be on your way to choosing the right template for your store. It is definitely worth taking the time to find the perfect template for your clothing store. It can take some error and trial, however, the look, feel, and usability of your store will have a huge impact on how many sales you make and how much you earn. If you select a template that is well-suited to your business and perfectly adapted to your group of buyers, you will enjoy greater success.